Friday, December 10, 2010

the one with the nativity puzzle

december is the only time that my favorite puzzle,
one i could do for ours and not get bored,
makes it's appearence

it's seriously the coolest and i wish i had a picture
[cue me googling it, and finding it]
so this one is kind of lame, but you get the picture. 

as far as i can remember mom made them
at an enrichment night, or something like that
for tons of people, cause my grama has one

but mom's are cooler, mom's are painted so you
see the faces of the wise men, shepherds, mary and joseph.
and you see jesus in the manger (the little yellow thing, in the corner)
and behind the animals it looks like a stable

i'll have to take a picture when i'm home
but i love it because my mom made it
and because it's a really cool way to remember
that christmas is all about Jesus

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