Saturday, November 20, 2010

day 17 - the one with who i would want to trade places with and why

if you haven't been able to tell
i can be indecisive
so today there's two

this is sister johnson
she's pretty much amaze-balls!
she has an ADORABLE family 
and she's super crafty and i could go on and on

see how cute they are!!
matthew's not in this one so...

aren't they adorable!?!
and they are living in germany right now, super fun!
you can check out her blog

but for the why?
because i want to be like her

then there is the most amazing person in the world
she may not appreciate this picture,
but i do! i love it
i love when she is talking with her friends and happy
she's done so much for m

and she still does, i want to trade places so i could
do everything for her once

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