Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 13 - the one with a letter to someone who has hurt me

dearest person,

i remember when i met you
i was working and you needed help
and the rest is history

you were the kind of person i wanted to be
you made me want to be better

me you and becca became bff's 
and then winter semester came
and we were hot potatoes
for all these new people

 then when this fall started
you wanted to be friends and i said okay
and it's been nothing but flaking on your part
and it may or may not p*** me off

and then you wonder why we don't hang out
and i don't want to be the needy friend
so i don't say anything about it

but i'm done being an idiot
and letting you make plans and then bail
i'm done and i don't want to be done with you
because maybe i melt when i'm around you


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