Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the one where i can't take much more of this

so i'm still trying to hold on to that thought i had when i was a kid, the one you thought of when you were a kid to.
the people you love, the people you look up to-they are indestructible!
they are like superman nothing phases them

first my favorite young woman's leader had problems last fall and then my favorite 2 and a half year old's dad had to get a whipple procedure done and then had complications in december. the worst part is that i was almost 2,000 miles away and i couldn't do anything.

my gramie went to the hospital sunday night, she had surgery monday and i saw her in the icu on tuesday.

she went in with some tightness with her chest, and ended up having her gallbladder taken out and finding an infection all through out her guts.

when i went to see her tuesday morning she was a ventilator, scariest thing i have ever seen. they put her on it because after the surgery she didn't even try to breath. while i was there they were able to take her off it and put her on a mask so help her vocal chords.

when i went back that night she was doing so much better. they are pumping her full of super antibiotics. she even thought they moving her from icu to surgery today.

hopefully i'll get there today to see her after work

update [7/20/12]
i was talking with my gramie while i was back in utah and she asked me how often i came to visit her. i thought she knew i was there almost everyday, she told me she wasn't sure how many times i had come because it seemed to her that every time she was awake i was there. she remembers very little from those two weeks, mostly pain and me being there.

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