Wednesday, June 23, 2010

bachelorette review [week 4]

so i'm a little late, like a week
but we're off!

  • so her suit jacket is too big, it looks retarted
  • the camera shoot wasn't horrible
  • first, i took so many notes on kasey i don't even know where to start
  • kasey got the fist one on one date
  • kasey is way too cocky
  • singing the song, really? no bueno!
  • "pretty intense stuff" kasey get a grip
  •  way excited kasey didn't get a rose, bumbed he's staying
  • the date was SUPER awkward
  • craig r, frank, jesse, jonathan, kirkm roberto, ty went on the group date
  • really justin, complaining about not going on the group date? whiner!
  • i noticed kirk and roberto have livestrong bands, i knew i liked them
  • ali was horse as she called to them, bet she's sick
  • spandex on guys, seriously?
  • although kirk makes it look the best
  • with jonathan's scruff and voice i want to gag!
  • jesse has the best voice
  • roberto has pretty good voice
  • i felt bad that the guys had to sit and watch it all
  • Ali was made for the stage, she is such a DRAMA QUEEN
  • jonathan looking at ali would not have changed things, you sound horrible
  • beehive of knives? bwahaha
  • ali please say roberto's name right, do not pull a jake with tenley's name
  • is she seriously chewing gum on stage?
  • jonathan, please do not go up there!
  • i'm glad craig r got some time with ali
  • jonathan always interupts!
  • i'm so glad that kirk was super sweet to ali
  • i totally called it ali was sick
  • jonathan, please do not go up there!
  • fyi jonathan, amber alert is for kids not bachelorettes!
  • kasey you wish you had another one on one, you're not gonna get cause you already had your chance so quit going on about it
  • how is getting a tattoo showing that you are genuine and sincire
  • his outfit is crappy! a flannel shirt and flip flops?
  • bachelorette crew rearranged the room, no way is it always set up like that
  • why did it take the guys so long to realize kasey was gone
  •  happy birthday to chris l, i agreed with him-it was a good trade off
  • he's a good catch, maybe the one for ali
  • the lighting in his interview was WAY funky
  • i would have gone to ninja new york for dinner, not some club
  • i play with my hair the same way ali does
  • her outfit sucks, big time. sorry instyle
  • i liked that they called his dad, super sweet
  • i didn't know joshua reden sang the song, the first one
  • what is with the aggressive kissing?
  • i'm glad chris l got the rose
  • okay who in the heck uses fibber anymore? no one, everyone says liar
  • kirk looks SUPER cute at the rose ceremony
  • kasey is not a good liar
  • plus his shirt and tie clash like no other
  • face off over the tattoo!!!
  • side note: i thought chris n was gone until rose ceremony are we gonna meet him anytime soon?
  • all the symbolism=crazy
  • thank you for speaking my  mind kirk, kasey is psycho
  • where does kasey get that everyone supports him, he's delusional
  • and he's getting crazier by the mili-second
  • her cocktail dress is super ugly
  • giving kasey a rose? are you crazy ali? he's got stalker potential
  • it was time for jonathan to go home, but jesse?
  • so jesse said 'i can't wait to see my dogs' lame!

next week
[or in this case, a couple days ago]
  • ali-kasey can not be normal, sorry
  • watch, all the guys are gonna be sick next week

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