Monday, August 4, 2008

The one where I teach primary!

Well, I was only substituting but I LOVED it! I wish I could teach primary all the time! And my lesson was def in the top 10 of the best lessons to teach, I had Helman and the two thousand stripling warriors! I drew this picture on the board.Image
and katie even said I did a really good job, and if you didn't already know I love her family and any compliment from makes me feel really good! I took in my brother's poster...and on the back I had this game
We played the game twice and when they won they got this cute little pictureImage and underneath it said "I can be a stripling warrior too!"
We played the game twice and then decided to draw on the chalkboard. Austin and Katie erased all the buildings but kept my warriors. They drew warriors to go along with mine.
katie's warrior!
my warrior
austin's warrior!ours all together
I was going to take pictures with the ones they drew to go with this one but my camera died :(!


Lisa said...

I wish you could be Katie's teacher all the time... but then I'd never get to see you in young womens. :( But then again, you only have days left of yw's anyway. Maybe next summer you could come home from college and be a primary teacher!

familyRus...4ever said...

I am impressed! I can't draw a circle! Good job guys!

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