Friday, December 26, 2008

The one where it does look like Christmas

There was snow on the ground, and that's all that I wanted. So my Chirstmas was easy. Mom made us recreate how they used to walk in on Christmas mornings. I got my girls camp box, a cd, some pink rain/snow boots, and some other stuff. I got my dad a tie, a bag for my mom and then helped the boys put songs onto their new MP3 players. We went to emily's and played and then stopped at sarah's. After all that fun we went back to grama's we just hung out and then got our presents from grama. i got snow pants, a nike duffel bag and a cafe rio gift card. After we finished presents we just hung out with the family and had some fun. Will and Zac played in the snow forever!

1 comment:

Chrystina said...

SNOW!! Hope your fam loved their Utah C-mas! What a blast!

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