Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Work and the Glory

So I started reading the series two weeks ago and I am on the third one and LOVING it! -Spoiler Alert- I am going to talk about what I read so if you don't want to know, too bad. So it's all about the Steed family, who are farmers, during the time of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There are five children; Joshua, Nathan, Melissa, Rebecca and Mathew. Joshua is the rebel and rejects the church and is courting Lydia, a general store owner's daughter. Joshua also does not like the Mormons and moves out and then finally runs away. Then Nathan starts courting Lydia, long story short they get married at the end of the first book. They live happily ever after and have three kids in the second book. In the second book they all move from New York to Ohio except for Joshua. Melissa also gets married to a non-Mormon and has one kid I think. While Joshua is off being a rebel he gets married to Jessica, he is an abusive husband and has a little girl, Rachel. Well she sort of runs away and joins the church and through trials and tribulations she meets Nathan and she eventually moves to to Ohio to be with the Steeds even though Joshua asked for a divorce. And while all this is happening the church is being restored. And right now in the third book, end of chapter two Jessica has decided to go back to Missouri which is CRAZY but whatever.

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Emily said...

so, so, good!! You took me right back there, maybe I should read them again!! love you.

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