Saturday, December 13, 2008

The one with Ring Christmas Bells again and becca's hair

It's okay you can be jealous! While I was doing becca's hair for friday night's performance autumn, becca's roommate, came in and asked janarae, a friend of ours, and I if we had tickets tonight to the concert and we both said no. Well janarae had plans and I had nothing to do so autumn and I went. I loved it! And her tickets were still way good-plaza 13! Some of the songs weren't as powerful but it was still amazing and I loved it. I'm thinking about standing in the standby line for tonights! I was talking to my mom and I told her I was doing becca's hair. She wanted pictures and I only had the after ones so I told her I would take a picture of it right after I did it that night. So Before is right after I did them and after is after she slept on them and went and hung out with evan!

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