Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the one with midway to heaven

desert book had a ladies night
they gave away tons of cool stuff
and what did i get?
midway to heaven, which i never would have bought
a bracelet way too small for my man wrists
and a 3 month membership to clearplay
which i can't use because i don't have one of their dvd players

so the verdict on the prize-LAME
but i figured i'd watch the movie

it's centered around a father-jed and a daughter-liz
and their realtionships
the mom died while liz was in high school from cancer

liz is now attending BYU and is in love with david
[played by kirby heyborne]
jed is still having a hard time moving on
and thinks david is too perfect

liz bothers me
and it bothers me that michelle money is in it
[aka crazy slc girl from the bachelor]

i don't want to ruin the movie for you
but verdict on the movie?
rent, only if you must!

1 comment:

eM.bO.bEm. said...

I'll probably never watch that. But that's all I could think to say. :)

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