Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the one when i am SOO excited!

so i love reading
and it wasn't always that way
i hated reading until 4th or 5th grade
and one of the lowe boys
told me about his class reading harry potter
and i was like harry what?
and then that christmas my mom
got the first three books
and the rest was history

i love the initial reading of a book
not knowing what is going to happen
feeling your hand turn the page in anticipation
i just love it all

i love rereading books
because you get to be excited all over again
and i'm not so anxious and paranoid
not paranoid about me, but what is going to happen to
our dear main character

and i almost never get rid of books, 
only if they were horrible books do they get taken to the DI,
because one day i want a library like the one in
beauty and the beast
or the swan princess
and one of those ladders attached to the wall
SO cool!

but i digress
this summer, in preparation for the family reunion
mom bought me books
from the DI
[which is one of the best places to look for books,
because if they're crappy you only spent like $2
and if they're amazing it's a total STEAL]

one of them was 'something borrowed'
by emily giffin

Something Borrowed
and if i didn't already love her book
she used to live in london
and now lives in ATL
i want to meet her!

but the book is so good
it follows rachel who is the under dog
her friend darcy gets everything
and rubs it in rachel's nose
and for once rachel goes for what she wants,
darcy's fiance.

which she did know first
and dexter, the fiance, totally initiated it
and darcy doesn't even love him!
and she's a horrible person,
you'll find out in the book-i can't ruin it for you!

can you tell i love rachel?
i've read the book at least 3 times
and plan on another one before
it comes out in theaters
may 6

you can also read darcy's view
off all that went down in
'something blue'
Something Blue
from emily
she has three other books too
so maybe she'll be like nicholas sparks
and they'll make tons of her books into movies


Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

Oh you make your mother so very, very happy! Do you think there is any hope for Will?

eM.bO.bEm. said...

Maybe I'll have to read those books since I'm a reading fanatic. :)

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