Saturday, April 9, 2011

the one with 'winter just wasn't my season'

i love music
i love the beats
and the words
and how it can change your mood
in the matter of 3 minutes and 28 seconds

i also love grey's anatomy
[i promise i have a point]
and although their musical event
wasn't as good as it could have been
and i'm worried they might have jumped the shark
there are couple songs i really love

i'd already like the songs
but their versions are good
[and kevin McKidd sounds amazing]
the one that's been stuck in my head
is breathe performed by chyler leigh
[originally sung by anna nalick]

it starts with:
2 am and she calls me
cause i'm still awake
"can you help me unravel my
latest mistake? i don't love him, 
winter just wasn't my season"

and winter wasn't my season either
with moving twice within 12 days
letting go of someone i thought i would be close to forever
questioning everything about myself
not having a real room for months
feeling inadequate at every turn
and hating snow!

but i'm changing
because i'm settling in, kind of 'nesting'
making my room as home-y as i can get it
without grama great throwing a fit

i'm deciding that i am good enough
that i don't have to change for any one
and that i can make new, great friends

but snow, i can't get rid of.
and the fact that it's been snowing
on and off for like the past 48 hours
is going to drive me crazy!

but i'm going home in
6 days!
and that can make snow tolerable

1 comment:

eM.bO.bEm. said...

I loooooove Greys Anatomy! Oh, and I HATEEEEEEEE snow! :( It's dumb. Oh, and I still want you to decorate my room. :)

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