Sunday, April 10, 2011

the one with my wall

i'm not a fan of headboards
they kinda drive me crazy
because they let pillows through the crack
and i want my pillows!

but i love walls covered with quotes
and things i love

i need my room, wherever it may be,
to feel like it's me
and not like a hotel room or something

about a month ago i had some pictures developed
and i knew i wanted to put them up on my walls
but at the time the only wall i would really see
is this wall covering a heating vent thing,
that also has a book case i can't tough

so i tried but all my stuff didn't fit and
i had rapped around and used another side
but i wasn't seeing it and it was lame

now to the good stuff
i moved my bed into this alcove i have in my room
and it's so nice
because the bench below the window is like my nightstand
and the left side of my bed is against a wall
and i like to sleep against a wall
crazy, i know!

but while i was cleaning and starting to pack
i thought about adding stuff to my wall
it could be like a sideboard
like a day bed has

the mirrored candle was already there, and i could't move it

my phone doesn't like to take crisp pictures
and i was too lazy to charge my camera

besides the pictures, my favorite part
is the princess plaque above the 'E' plaque
the white lettering says
"daughter of a Heavenly King"
and i got it at the DI for less than a $1

although i may love it
we'll see what my grama great thinks
because anytime i change anything she freaks out

when she saw that the bed wasn't in it's normal place
she yelled "where is the bed? what did you do with it"
like i had decided to get rid of it
ya gotta love old people


eM.bO.bEm. said...

I want you to decorate my room. :)

Catherine Anne said...

love quote walls! you are great, ellie :)

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