Friday, September 26, 2008

The one when I am way past disapointed

Barnes and Noble and Remember What You Stand For are on my list. Not that I don't like them, it's just that they take forever to get things to you! I ordered a book from Barnes and Noble on the 12 and it still hasn't gotten here. I called yesterday to see what the freaking problem was and all they said is to call back after 12 business days. Big help and great customer service. There is this CTR website that I love cause everything is like two or three dollars cheaper than Desert Book and they have the sizes you want PLUS it seems like they always have a deal on shipping-right now it's free! But I ordered a shooting star CTR ring because I need one badly. I ordered it on the sixteenth and it should so be here this week! It's driving me crazy! Well I'm off to COM 122!

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TLP said...


Enter the name of the book or the author or the book number, and after you get that result, sort by price. Best deals anywhere.

This is not spam. I hit on your site through the Black Box.

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