Sunday, March 22, 2009

The one with ten

  1. I miss home, but I hate packing
  2. Counting down the days to something FREAKS me out
  3. Sleeping in at least two different beds a week makes me realize how lucky I was to have a serta mattress growing up
  4. Facebook is the means of communication, I just found out a guy that served in my ward got married today
  5. Mic packs are AMAZING, I wish I could wear one more often
  6. I get end of the semester-itis, every single semester-even in high school
  7. When I packed for school I packed TOO much
  8. I am currently craving a pace bar, I just learned that so it counts
  9. Eric Hutchinson is really good, find him on iTunes
  10. Little Obedience leads to big blessings just like little disobedience leads to big disobedience

1 comment:

Barnett Family said...

Why are you sleeping in two different beds a week?

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