Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The one where i shall chronicle a typical wednesday

mostly because i have nothing better to write, except for the fact that my grampa's going n for knee surgery today.

Okay, wake up at like 6:30/6:45, pick an outfit, brush my teeth, get dressed, do my make up and hair, grab my backpack and purse(but today I had to grab an extra pair of shoes and an umbrella cause it's raining). I aim to be out the door by 7:30.
I walk to school sometimes stopping at the carriage cafe for breakfast, consisting of bacon, hash browns and/or a bagel. I'll make my way to the school and to the admissions office, cause work starts at 8.
I work for 50 minutes, and I'm off to class with four of my closest friends; Devon, Sam, David, and Chase. English 101, oh what a joy. I'm there for four an hour and then I head back down to the admissions office and our staff meeting starts at 10.
I work from 10-1, doing anything from posting and proofing transcripts, answering calls, sending out info packets, giving tours, deferring students or discontinuing students, to shredding files.
Then lunch, most likely at the carriage cafe, commonly referred to the crappe cafe, then I book it to class with another six of my closest friends; Sarah Beth, William, Mark, Jordan, Jonathan, and Bruce. For the most stimulating class, Microeconomics. Then a half hour to socialize.
At 3 I'm back to work and I'm there til close-5. Then I do whatever the heck I feel like doing.

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