Friday, September 11, 2009

The one where today was a good day, a really good day.

It started with me waking up, and getting ready pretty easily and even out the door early, which is no easy feat. I usually go through two or three outfits, cause I never like what I pick out. Then I brushed my teeth, did my hair, and make-up. Grabbed my backpack, purse and water bottle-leaving a full 5 minutes early. Then on my way out of the plaza, on the elevator, a girl was all like I'm driving today, wanna come with me? i would have said no, but if she drove i could eat breakfast, but i said yes. In the car, we listened to one of my favorite songs from dirty dancing.

Then I got the very last plain bagel at carriage cafe, toasted it and was on my way to class with my water bottle filled with ice cold yummy water![yes water does have a taste]Then I sat with four of my friends in english. Pretty much did nothing today in class, with really no homework. Then it was off to work

I got to work, saw a friend I haven't seen for ages-fall semester of last year. Then I called an institute teacher, to drop a student so I could get into his class-low and behold he did, so in Book of Mormon II with Brother Meredith. I am so excited, he is such a good teacher. I tried to explain how to Chase and I couldn't even describe it, I just knew I was supposed to be in that class. So then I worked and worked.

I grabbed lunch, a chili bread bowl, and was off to microeconomics. I really like that class, I love micro thanks to my high school economics teacher. My friend, Mark, transferred into that class and kept me awake. It's not that I was bored but I was so tired, he kept making fun of what we were talking about. At the end of class the teacher was so nice as to tell us the homework I did, was in fact not due today but on monday-double hooray for no homework!

Then I was back at work, listening to pandora and updating my blog to pass time. The back to school Vista Dance is tonight and I'm way pumped. Life is good!

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