Saturday, October 31, 2009

The one where it's halloween!

I thought in honor of a day where you can be whoever you want to be; a surgeon, a rastafarian, a muggle, you name it you can be it-that I would post some pretty school stuff. (or at least cute) So I thought the drawing of the pumpkin was cute so therefore it made the post. This one to right was so cool, with all the little leaves but then it was beaten out by this one. It was carved out by a laser, we're talking a laser here! Apparently it's supposed to be some death star thing but whatever, the cool part here is the use of a laser.

Now on to other things... like this wall of carved pumpkins, all done by one man. Way cool, although the laser one is still better. But then I came upon this one, and i thought it just might beat out the laser one, but the fact that it almost looks fake made it come in second.Come on though, who doesn't love a princess pumpkin.

*For these pictures and others type-clip art pumkins, cute jack o lanterns, or carved pumpkins into google image.

Now for costumes!

                              but this one is my favorite-tetris! i wanna do this one year!
shower scrubbie!

another good one was the youtube video, way funny. but this is where i will end.


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