Sunday, April 4, 2010

the one with my faves

from general confrence

saturday morning session
president monson
i loved how he talked about his wife
julie b beck
with personal revelations mothers can prioritize
keith b mcmullin
doing one's duty is the manifestation of one's faith
all that we have comes from God, we should honor Him with all the intelligence, strength and love he gave us
wilford w anderson
their hearts were broken, but their faith was strong
hope is found through the Holy Ghost
priesthood order in haitian chaos
m russell ballard
there is nothing in this world as personal as nurturing, or as life changing as a nurturing woman
model yourself after your mom, not celebrities
[re: moms]when it comes to matters of the heart and things of the Lord she is a whiz
mothers are the first line of defense
henry b eyring
prayer allows the Lord to help us
well done my good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things, 
i will make you ruler over many things

saturday afternoon session
l tom perry
responsibility for teaching the children falls on the mother
d todd christopherson
when basic gospel principles are left behind, life disintegrates
koichi aoyagi
follow the prophet, he truly knows the way
bruce a carlson
strict obedience to God's laws brings us blessings
david a bednar
spiritual warnings should lead to spiritual vigilance
the three things
1-reading and talking about the book of mormon
[all ages respond to the spirit of the book of mormon]
2-bearing testimony spontaneously
[eagerness and reluctance to participate is an early warning sign]
3-inviting children to act
[we are not in the business of passing out fish, rather we are to be teaching our children to fish]
are my children steadfast and immovable?
are my children learning by study and by faith?
are my children gospel learners?
jeffery r holland
separate yourself from people, situations and material that tempt you
run like joseph of egypt and please do not leave a forwarding address
you shouldn't invite temptation in , serve them tea and crumpets and 
then show them where the silverware is kept
we shouldn't be serving tea anyways
the temple guards and protects
when we sin we not only hurt ourselves but the people who love us and Christ
we must declare like nephi "i give place no more to the enemy of my soul"

sunday to come

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Lisa said...

Wasn't conference amazing!

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