Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day 5 - the one with places i've been

i've been to burmingham, al
...for a youth temple trip

i've been to philadelphia, pa
...for a family vacation
this is the playground from fresh prince of bel air

i've been to camp roger,
somewhere in the mountains in utah
it's a ymca camp and our stake helped get it ready for the summer

i've been to park city, ut
...for a shopping extravaganza
well...kinda, it was kinda lame but it was fun

i've been to nephi, ut
...for the nephi pageant
it was so good, i cried-multiple times

i've been to idaho
[mainly rigby, rexburg, and malad]
rigby...to go on a wild goose chase looking for the arner's
rexburg...for a tour of byu-idaho and to meet the hadry's
malad...to see my favorite krystal, she's the one who went to see david archuleta with me

i've been to rexburg, id
[or right outside rexburg]
...to the civil defense caves

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