Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day 7 - the one with the person who has had the biggest impact on me

it's like a 5 way tie

so for the record,
i wanted this really great picture
of the two of them from when we had family
pictures right before graduation
and i have no access to it

but i digress
my mom and my dad
have had a really big impact on me
the major one being they're the reason i'm alive :)
but they have been there for me when i thought the world was cruel
and were mean and somewhat heartless,
even though it was all for my good

sister sheri dew
she's flippin amazing
did you know she was a UN delegate for the US
for the commission on the status of women?
she's the CEO of Desert Book
but my favorite part is that she's single

and she makes me feel like no matter what happens
i'll be okay

then there's another favorite couple of mine
president gordon b. hinckley and majorie pay hinckley

i love the way that he is looking at her
some one said 'she is charity personified'
and she truly is, i don't have words
but she will always be a part of me

my favorite quote from her
"everything you are learning now is
preparing you for something else."

i love him so much and to see how hard this was for him
makes me cry, but knowing he's back with her
makes things better

he's the first prophet i remember
i remember wanting to learn everything
i could about him
and how worn my kids book all about him is

i concur with a lot of what's said in the following video

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