Friday, November 5, 2010

day 1 - the one with a picture of me and 15 interesting facts

mike as angel moroni
i was antoine dobson's groupie
[if you don't uderstand watch both of the
following videos, in this order

1. I still sleep with a teddy bear
2. I think smells have an affect on people,
[example: i spray lavender and chamomile on
my pillows to help me sleep]
3. I hate my hair curly so it makes me mad
when people say they like it
4. I'm partially OCD, just like little things
5. I can't stand shorts
6. I hate when people call me shortened versions of Ellie
it's not el, or ell. I used to be bothered with ellie-bellie or ella
ella ella(from rhianna's umbrella song) but i'm good with that now
7. I get really bugged when people want me to share my scriptures
with them, and it's for no specific reason
8. I snort when I laugh
9. I've had six roommates while i've been at school
10. When I put my headphones in and walk home,
I like to pretend I'm staring in music video
11. I'm an official tour guide at LDS Business College
12. I like to pretend I'm british sometimes
13. I won first place in a photography contest
14. I can be quite the facebook stalker
15. I always feel like an outsider

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