Monday, May 2, 2011

the one with 'adlanna' temple festivites

real southerners don't say atlanta
they say adlanna

now on to the fun stuff

mom, dad, and zac worked at the open house
and i got to watch this cute little girl
she was adorable
and she said we're best friends

then we dropped off miss lauren to her parents
and went and toured the temple
before a temple is dedicated you can tour the inside
i toured the mt. timpanogos temple
but it was amazing to tour as a family
sans nathan, but he was there in spirit

dad had taken the boys aside
i took this picture after
but the colors turned out so cool

this is how it was before the mt. timpanogos temple
and because of the sealing power of the temple
we were sealed to my brothers for
time and all eternity

the atlanta temple was closed for almost two years
because the condition was worse than they first thought
now they have made grand improvements
like they have a thing in the back of the temple
that holds water so all outside water needs are taken care of
and use no city water
and water is such an issue here so this is amazing!

so that was last weekend
this weekend was amazing

these are some views from our hotel room
it was so beautiful!

this was at something like 6 in the morning
sleeping on the floor did not agree with me!

while we were waiting in line to get in
we were lucky enough to see our stake kids
and they looked like cadged animals

this is the one of the chaperones
the picture turned out really nice

the girls had just finished practicing

the color turned out really cool with this one too
i like the coloring with ian's sunglasses

of course dan and will were on the front row on stage
dan's the one on the left

our kids from the ward

 of course they got in the hsm jump

some of the boys wanted to get in on the action too

due to copyrights and all
no pictures or videoing was allowed
will got really close to president monson who was there
for the cultural celebration
it was amazing

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