Monday, May 23, 2011

the one with one of the best things i have ever done!

the chick-fil-a grand opening here in midland
was a BLAST!
i had such a great time!

will and i got there about 5:35 am
and by about 6:10 we had our raffle tickets
because if there are over 100 people there by 6 am
then they raffle off the 100 spots

i was pretty nervous by the time we were
half way through the raffle.
the guy in front of me had been called,
and pretty quickly the guy behind me was called
will and i were finally called, #85

we were ushered inside
filled out paperwork
was given a super cute cup
and then ushered back outside
to get our parking spot/camping stall

this was our home for about 21 hours
since it took forever for us to get a spot

we had some pretty great neighbors

and some annoying neighbors,
who played music over the operator's father playing a trumpet
 and jammed out til about 2

we played games all afternoon and til about 10ish
i participated in a savenger hunt
via  columbus ledger enquirer

only downside i got pretty burned
like in pain for a couple days

we woke up the next morning, packed up
and got in numerical order
were handed t-shirts
[picture to come]
and went inside to be given our 52 free meal tickets

then will and i went inside for some breakfast
making us one of the first five paying customers
if you want to see what happened next

in a couple days
will, zac and i
are going to another opening
in tucker, GA if you wanna come!

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