Thursday, June 4, 2009

The one with a confession

Okay so if you really know me, you'll know I was addicted to the bachelor last season. I mean like hardcore, watched it, loved it, talked about it. And even though I wish Melissa[i want to be her bff sooo bad] was the bachelorette this season, I am watching Jillian find her soul mate. Okay but I have to admit there are some guys on the show that every time I see them I say to myself 'I'd date that' and the list is
  • Ed-Chicago, IL
  • Mathue-Wichita, KS [sent home]
  • Jake-Dallas, Tx
  • Simon-Bradford, England [sent home]
  • Juan-Santa Monica, CA he's a jerk
  • Kiptyn-Encinitas, CA
  • Michael-Astoria, NY
  • Brian-Atlanta, GA [sent home]
  • Reid-Philadelphia, PA
and we'll just leave it at that for now


jane said...

LOSER!!!! jk lol

love ya girlie

Lisa said...

Fun to catch up on your blog!! Love all the lists!

Gary and Shelice Murphy said...

you obviously have toooo much time on your hands...luckily I'm in a position to change that ;D

sarah baldwin said...

i can't relate... but i still love you!! (even though you didn't mail the book... i forgive you!) xoxo s.

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