Sunday, September 6, 2009

the one when i notice my surroundings more

First let me say that I am usually late, for almost everything but for some reason I was, Heavenly Father obviously wanted me there, early to church this afternoon, by a record breaking 15 minutes. Men were moving chairs, men-sounds strangely awkward but that's what they are, maybe it's just the fact that I'm an adult now and I'm adjusting to that fact. It was nothing out of the normal but for guys who knew almost nobody but were asked to help, dropped their conversations, everything to help. I thought to myself "You can see the measure of a man when he rises to the duty of his Lord." A smile came to my face seeing the love of the God head portrayed in such a simple act.

Maybe I judge to easily, I in fact know I do, but I'm working on it. But I somewhat digress. The bread had been passed along with all the water that was prepared but we were short a few, what a good problem to have. But again I'm getting ahead of myself, what are you going to do with me? So when the priesthood holders separate to pass the sacrament most of them come into the Multi-Purpose Room while one or two go into the Commons Room, which means that the two in the commons room always finish last. Some of the others will go and help the two finish, and I don't know how to describe it but maybe this will can see that passing the sacrament is a little more to them. But most of these brethren sit there impatiently waiting, you could say that their faces show passing is a chore, keeping them from sitting with someone. The impatient rushing to the table to finish their chore, while the one's on the Lord's time walk slowly, keeping the spirit. Now back to the water running out, four stand at the table impatiently waiting for the two missing to show. Minutes are passing making them tap their feet with more consistency, when they appear with two full trays of water. The water is then blessed, passed and returned to the table. When the two came you could see the humility wash over the face of those who had been impatient. And again I thought "You can see the measure of a man when he rises to the duty of his Lord," adding this time "whether it is moving chairs your first week in the ward or helping all in the room partake of the sacrament even though your assignment is over." Now to the point of my opening statement, maybe what I saw is not what they were showing, but it's what I saw.

Things don't always go the way you want them to; you like someone-they like someone else, you want to be a primary teacher-you're an assistant nursery leader, you want to wear your jeans-but you have to work, etc. The point being, sometimes the Lord has a different plan for you, sometimes it will break your heart, disappoint you-but He knows best, and one day you'll see why He moved you that way.

The final part of this saga, the sunday school lesson this week was sealed for time and eternity-a lesson I wasn't especially thrilled to hear about, considering it's just another way to tell us that the Lord wants us to multiply and replenish the Earth. But I went, because a friend was inspired to tell me that he was quoting me-which meant I had to go, because I didn't know what he was quoting. What I said wasn't important but the line he closed the lesson with was. "He will help you to find the individual who is perfect for you, not perfect, but perfect for you"


sarah baldwin said...

so who was this friend and is he the one that's perfect for you? what is happening? fill me in... seriously!

Ellie said...

just a friend, def not my type at freaking all. there isn't really anybody

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