Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the one with the contest

awhile ago i entered a blogging contest for mormon times
the requirements were to be around 20-something, single and mormon
so i entered, i didn't make the cut
but i didn't think my blogs should be put to waste

I woke up Saturday morning to a phone call from this really cute guy, who we will call C. He had called to  asked me out for that night. I said yes, he was cute, sweet and had a job. He told me he’d pick me up after he got off work, and being myself I didn’t ask him what time he got off work. All I said was “sounds good!” What was I thinking? Oh yes, it was something along the lines of a cute guy wants to ask me out, and I like him-HECK YES.

I spent the next half hour freaking out to Rebecca, who is the Christina to my Meredith-the mac to my cheese. We talked until I was calm enough to get ready. I was ready for about 5 hours when he called again, telling me he was off and was on his way to my grama’s house where I was staying the weekend. He met my grama and we were on our way. We ended up at a playground; we swung on the swings and just got to know each other.

Great date so far right? Yeah things went downhill fast, all of the sudden my stomach went crazy. I ran toward the bushes not far away and threw up, what caused this you ask? A water chugging contest the two of us participated in and the fact that I get motion sickness all the time.

Now I’m feeling bad for the guy, anything he does it’s going to make the situation more awkward. He can just stand there making me feel like I’m on display. Or he can do what he did and come over and rub my back, and watch me. I was so FREAKING embarrassed. He took me back to my grama’s house. He then realized she lived on a golf course, jokingly I said we should hop the fence sometime.

Fast forward about half hour. My teeth were brushed and I had golf clubs in my hand and golf balls in my jean’s pockets. We found the perfect spot to jump the fence but being 5’6” a seven foot fence is a little hard to jump. We grabbed a chair and he was over in a heartbeat. He gave me the okay to jump, and landed in a hole. Spraining my ankle, spraining it REALLY well.

But at this point I was determined to still have fun. We walked three houses down to the hole and putted for an hour or so. Then we laid down on the green and looked at stars and talked about life. We made it back to ‘scene of the accident’ and made it over. He walked me to the door said good night.

Moral of the Blog
Sometimes things go A LOT better in your head than they do in real life. The trick is to make the best of the situation. Be the fun girl, not the drama queen.

the second blog to come tomorrow

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Lisa said...

The best dates are always where funny things happen. I love your attitude!

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