Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the one with part two of the contest

i told you i would deliver the second blog

I had an epiphany while I was in class the other day, and ‘just happened’ to have a great view of this guy I liked, yes liked. He’s cute, smart, and a poster boy for chivalry, need I go on? I started day dreaming about us and what we could be. Come on, we all do it. Then it hit me. I like the idea of him more than I actually like him.

We interrupt your blog reading to bring you definitions...
The idea of someone: holding hands, dates, late night phone calls and lots of texts, saying we’re together, etc., etc.
Actually liking someone: really liking them for who they are and not some idealized version. You get the picture.
You can like your said person and like the idea of them. Ideally you would like these two images balanced.

We now return to your regular blog reading…As soon as I got a chance I was with Rebecca talking about this epiphany. You should have seen us talking a mile a minute about this. Then Rebecca shared our friend Sam’s analogy with me. Imagine all males or females are like stores in a shopping center. You can window shop: see how cute they are, what kind of personality they might have, etc. And you can try them on, see how they act when you’re alone, how they fit into your life and you in theirs.

Sometimes you like the window shopping image of them, you just don’t want to wear them or own them. They may not flatter you or be your style. Even though you really like said ‘product’ it just doesn’t look good on you maybe. Sometimes you have to take a break from shopping, and that’s okay.

Because when you take a break you realize what things really matter to you. Maybe you really like them, but something small-the way he doesn’t call you back within five seconds-could break everything the two of you have together. Or maybe you really like them and no matter what bothers you about them you like them anyway. You would do anything to be with them for eternity-that’s they way you want to feel.

When my parents were in the early years of their marriage my dad’s parents didn’t like my mother. He sat them down one day made it clear, if he had to choose between them he was going to choose my mother. He knew they were meant for forever. I want to feel the way my dad felt, and hopefully you want that too.

I was watching a show; the father was making a speech at his daughter’s reception. He said they wished the new couple would be each other’s ‘anyway’ friends. Because no matter what is said or done you love them anyway.

Moral of the Blog:
            Make sure you like the person you are with, not just the idea of them
            When they are the right person make sure you’re an ‘anyway’ friend

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Lisa said...

Love the shopping analogy, Michel Anne. Hope you are doing great!

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