Thursday, August 5, 2010

The one where i don't have a plan

i have no plan
i know i need to post something
but there's no agenda

my aunt sarah wrote, in a journal
that she gave me, a quote
"a wise a woman once told me
writing down your thoughts
will free your mind"

oh how true that is!
without realizing,
the past weeks of my journal writing
have been me, writing down everything
i've been thinking, everything!

i guess it's because
i don't have a true confidant
some people, know some parts
but i don't really trust anyone with all of it
maybe because i don't want someone
to be able to hold it all against me
maybe it's irrational

but back to the point...
maybe that's the reason the prophets
tell us to write in our journals
it frees our mind and allows the things that matter
to occupy our minds

what do you think?

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