Monday, August 16, 2010

the one where i think i'm an insomniac

so i used to text a friend 
who worked the night shift
until about 1 in the morning for two reasons

1. i wanted to stay up
2. i kind of liked him

and now that he's off the night shift
i can't get to sleep before 12:30 on any given night
and sometimes it's even later
and i usually wake up a couple times before i need to get up

now, it's not completely his fault
it started my first week of college
i realized that i didn't have a bedtime
and i could stay up as late as wanted

and it became a bad habit of staying up late,
sometimes all night. 
because i'm human, i now see
what a bad idea it was-
at least most of the time

i've resorted to the usual reading of books
which no longer tire me
i've tried reading the scriptures
which never worked for me

a couple weeks ago
i even cleaned my room because i couldn't sleep
and after a half hour of reading last night 
i worked out

so i've started something
if i am awake even a minute past 11
i have to workout before i go to bed

how does that sound?
what do you do when you can't sleep?

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