Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the one with my morning walk

i walked out of my apartment
at exactly 7:35
walked up my little drive way and 
headed towards the school

i passed the house where 
a band practices at odd hours

i crossed the street
i passed the house where
this creepy guy who likes to talk to be lives
i passed the apartment where
this mexican who likes to hit on me lives
again i crossed the street
to the house where this cute
little old lady lives with a
little garden
i passed a quote i like on a building

across the street i went
i got about half way when
i could see this little old house
that back in the day must have been beautiful!

the first couple of times I walked
past, it kinda freaked me out
you can't really see inside the yard
due to overgrowth of trees
but i've come to see that it's
harmless, like it's owners
today an old man walked out
with a suit and breifcase,
off to work no doubt

we crossed the back of the
high school baseball field
he bent over and picked something
it was odd to me

we kept walking,
in front of this adorable house
[which is for sale btw]
he bent over and picked up
a couple more things

when he stood up i realized
what he was doing
on his way to work 
he was picking up trash

as we crossed the next street
he went to the storm drain
and pulled out a nasty
looking bag

his walk to work is short
but he makes it worth something

what do I do?
turn on my iPod and jam out

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