Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the one with am and am nots

it's about time i updated my blog
and i didn't know what i wanted to share
so this is it...some pictures from the past little bit

i am not a risk taker to my life
the alpine slide-scary as all get out
i went super slow, hence the pile up behind me
i was not about to go super fast
and fall and die

i am not a cave explorer
it's dark and scary and it's better if you're a size two
which we all know i'm not

it is also a lot better if you have the right kind of clothes
not capri's and brand new rocketdogs
no jacket or flashlight
i didn't know okay!

i am a girl that drinks hot chocolate in july
[it's DANG good]
and takes pictures of her reflection
oh and still does pigtail braids

i am a huge fan of hanging out with my cousins
i love bring around them
holding the baby ones
and taking pictures of them

[i was holding camryn while i took this picture,
pretty good right?]

i am in love with this little kid
i didn't know i could love a kid i wasn't related to this much
he's the freaking cutest
he does say the darndest things
and i miss seeing this kid all the time

i am a girl who wins stuff on the radio
all the time! for real, ask my mom
or even my friends

i won a new iPod nano, the one with the video camera
[which, once i got my iPhone, i sold to my brother]
i won something else awhile ago i can't remember what it was
i won tickets to the easy a movie premiere which i had to give away
i then won tickets to go see david archuleta!
like less than a hundred people-no lie!

i am a people person
which is how i got tickets to a private company party
which happened to have plain white t's play

there's this cute guy, carlos, in my math class
we sat next to each other on day 4, became friends and
the rest is history
when i expressed my disappointment of not winning tickets on the radio
that morning he asked if i wanted to go, since he had a mission reunion
thank you for splurging!

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