Sunday, March 6, 2011

the one with a few favorite books

aunt emily turned me on to these books
told me i had to read them
i took the first one to the hyde family reunion at bear lake
and read every other book i brought with me first

mom read it
aunt lisa read most of it
and then like two weeks later
i started it
and couldn't put it down

and then had to read the second one in the series
within two days
and had to wait for like two months to get the third
cause it hadn't come out yet

but i love them!
and i'm re-reading them right now

so, so good!

1 comment:

eM.bO.bEm. said...

Not so interested in these ones. But, I love how you said aunt Emily. Cause I'm known as Auntie Em! Haha.

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