Friday, May 13, 2011

the one with the evans

the evans are like my second family
they are my favorite
their kids are super cute
and they love me

can it get any better?
yes, yes it can!
they say the cutest stuff

the kids
e 14 year old girl
j 10 year old boy
b  year old boy
m 4 year old boy

j, while playing with my phone,
said "you have the ellen app?
to which i replied "yes, i love ellen!"
b then blurted out "i love ellen too!"

b is just so cute and always loves what you think
a stay-at-home mom would love

j, while i was checking out the johnson's blog,
said the cutest thing but you'll need some background
the johnson's are currently living in germany they had picture up
so j said "do they have mormon church there?"
and i said "yeah..."
"wow, they just drink a lot and i didn't think they would have one"
ummm, i love these kids.
more to come i'm with them for like another 18 hours

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