Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the one with late nights

i love getting together
with the hyde side of the family
because we stay up and talk or play games
and when i end up going to bed early
and they stay up i get jealous

well when it's just me and mom
it's a perfect recipe for staying up late
and tons of tv
and tons of stupid fun stuff

like for instance tonight was
reading, hawaii five-0,
fabulous cakes, quints by surprise,
oh and blogging and more reading
and make it or break it

we had ice water galore,
rice krispies, and fires and tater tots

and my mom and i discussed a hilarious book
[can you keep a secret? by sophie kinsella]
and the fact that i love the name lyla and she doesn't
(doesn't lyla marie sound cute? i wouldn't use marie though)
and if i have twins i want them to be lyla and piper

and i talked to my favorite person
and caught up on tweets
tonight was a good night!

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