Saturday, February 23, 2013

the one with the apple store

the worst part about living in columbus
is there is no apple store
i live for the apple store
the energy
the electronics
i'm addicted!

but living in columbus means i have
to combine reasons to go near one
and often the apple store doesn't make the cut

tonight i have the oppourtunity to listen
to some really cool speakers
and it just so happens that the apple store
is like ten minutes from the location

and since mom's phone is totally tanking
and since my phone was having issues
apple store stop!

we're still waiting on results on mom's phone
but my phone's charging capabilities have drastically
decreased since buying my phone.
so much that they've recommended buying a new phone
oy vay!

but i wouldn't trade this trip to the apple store for anything.
it's like a breath of fresh, but memory filled air

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