Saturday, April 6, 2013

the one with general conference

In 15 minutes LDS
General Conference will start

I love Conference,
it's a balm to my soul
It makes me so happy
and I seriously look forward
to it like a little girl
looks forward to Christmas!

you can stream it
online at

it is not lost on me
that Satan is using his powers
to try and keep me away.

Last conference I was
so sick that most of
the time I was laying down,
trying to take notes
[my handwriting was so bad
I can barely read them]
I was miserable

This conference I can barely
move my neck
It started on thursday on the right
side of my neck
and moved yesterday morning 
to encompass my whole neck
I just want to take a couple
muscle relaxers and pass out

but I would miss my beloved conference
because nothing Satan can do
can keep me away from conference.

happy conference y'all!

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