Monday, August 3, 2009

The one where i technically start something new

Today was a first, a big first. Today I started my job, a desk, a sign in-on multiple accounts, a number, an access card-the whole sha-bang! I've volunteered in the office before so things weren't way hard but it's still amazing that I'm getting paid to do this. So, maybe I should tell you where I work-the admissions at the college I'm attending. I did lots of tedious work today, but I have to start somewhere! I loved the environment! I feel so lucky to have this job and work with people I love, okay well some of them I only like but i'm working on it okay!?!

When I used to help out in the office I could do somethings, mostly answering phones and questions but now I can pretty much do anything I need to to help someone, although I am still asking for help. It's like the more I can do, the more I have to ask for help. I love the admissions office! If you're interested in the Business College, call me and i'll help you apply!


Chrystina said...

Yeah for getting paid to do it!! Good luck! One year down and your starting another one! Have fun and enjoy it!!

Evans Family said...

Your job sounds great Mychel-Anne! I know you'll do a wonderful job!! I hope you have a super year!

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